Kenny Byrd and Friends 

Recorded live at the world-famous Trafamadore Cafe in Buffalo NY, this 29 minute DVD features Kenny Byrd and his endearing friends... Rudy sings "The Way You Move Me" and then has to "go". When he is finished he collects his kisses and then talks about his doctor visit. Freddy the Frog gets tough and hilarity ensues.

Featuring Ken Kaufman on piano.

$ 5.95 shipping


Mr. Bird and People

Recorded on a cruise ship, this 21 minute DVD performance highlights the zany Mr. Bird, who lays an egg, much to the consternation of an audience member. Later, audience members themselves become the characters.

$ 5.95 shipping


Rudy and Baby Monkey

Recorded on a cruise ship, this 25 minute DVD performance features the irrepressable Rudy, who sings "Fillings" for kisses from the audience. Baby monkey is looking for its mommy, and more. Duration: 25 min.

$ 5.95 shipping


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Creative, hysterical, family-friendly ventriloquial humor from Kenny and his all-too-real characters.
For corporate events, private parties or any event where entertainment and hilarity are called for.
Entertainment on another level.

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